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Maintain a balance between getting to where you want to go and being happy as you get there. It’s a great journey…enjoy all the detours along the way..."

Dear Daughter,
My strongest memory will always be the wonder of your precious infant hand holding on to my finger. It was at that moment when I became your protector and your guardian and you became my life. I know that I was put here for you and there is no measure for how much you are loved.
As you move through your journey know that you are beautiful, you are my shining light, my will, my angel. I will protect you with fierceness, support you with undying love, and help you achieve your goals with a vengeance.
I will always be your biggest cheerleader and will feel your pain, your heartache, your joys and your happiness as if they were my own. It is my joy to protect you and keep you from harm but I also want you to explore, learn, love, and experience it all. Spread your wings, take the world head on and be the incredible person you were meant to be.
I will always be here for you and you will forever be my baby.

With devotion,

Written by: Judy Smith
Photography by: Lou Guarracino
Collector's edition. Hardcover. 56 pages.
Full color photography throughout
. $15.95

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